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A day at Hello Kitty Beauty Spa will make you feel like a Queen!

Our services are state of the art, refreshing, and revitalizing. We are offering a wide range of day spa services and treatments using the finest products and latest techniques to offer our guests the best results.

(Age 12 and above)

  • Manicure D'amour
  • Pedicure Adorable
  • Mani-Pedi Combo
  • French Manicure
  • French Pedicure
  • French Mani-Pedi combo
  • Posh-Pampering Manicure
  • Posh-Pampering Pedicure
  • Posh-Pampering Mani-Pedi Combo
  • Anti-Aging relax Manicure
  • Anti-Aging relax Pedicure
  • Anti-Aging relax Mani-Pedi combo
  • Gellish Mani
  • Gellish Pedi
  • Gellish Combo
  • Polish Desire
  • Silk Paraffin
  • AHA- Callus Remover Treatment
  • Bright Nail Whitener
  • Comfy hand massage
  • Warm bath foot massage
  • Real Beauty
    Mani D' Amour, Pedi Adorable, and Blow Dry
  • Gorgeous Beauty
    Mani D' Amour, Pedi Adorable, Shampoo, Blow Dry, Focus Massage and Hot Beverage
  • Queen SPA Experience
    Mani D' Amour, Pedi Adorable, Shampoo, Blow Dry, 60mins Massage of your Choice and 60mins Oxygen Facial
  • Day Make up
  • Soiree Make Up
  • Light Eye Make Up
  • Intense Eye Make Up
  • Eyelashes
  • Waxing Full Face
  • Waxing Upper Lip
  • Waxing Chin
  • Waxing Under-Arms
  • Waxing Half-Arms
  • Waxing Full-Arms
  • Waxing half-legs
  • Waxing Tummy
  • Waxing Back
  • Hair Cut
  • Cut and Blow Dry short/medium/long
  • Blow Dry short/medium /long
  • Bang To Trim
  • Trimming
  • Color Correction
  • Hair Color
  • Roots Color
  • Highlights Full style
  • Highlights half style
  • Lowlights
  • Dip Dye Ombre' or sombre'
  • Chic Hair style
  • Styling Braids
  • Signature Bow
  • Chic curls or straight style
  • Hair Treatment
    (In consultation with the hair specialist)
  • Macademia plus hair treatment
  • Queen Shampoo
  • Bio Anti-frizz Jean De Pearl Therapy
    BIO ANTI FRIZZ ELEMENTS hair treatment is designed to infuse a great deal of vitamins and essential nutrients into your hair for an impeccable texture and shine. It restores all types of hair while controlling volume & frizz, It repairs damage caused by chemicals and styling processes. Eco friendly 100% formaldehyde-free.
  • Collagen Treatment
    Enjoy straight, strong and damage-free hair with our most authentic and high quality hair treatment. It replenishes your hair by adding more shine and volume that lasts for at least 4-5 months. Can be used on all hair types.
  • Hair Botox
    A revolutionary process which focuses on restoring lost protein into the hair strand by strand. From the roots to the ends, each strand is left straight, shiny, soft and malleable for up to 10 weeks! Eco friendly 100% formaldehyde-free
  • Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Treatment
    This deeply nourishing Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz strengthening. Treatment is done by using a pure Organic Bamboo Extract with smoothing Organic Kendi Oil. This is done to infuse hair with the intense hydration and vital nutrients needed to lay the foundation for extra strong, sleek, frizz-free hair.
  • Bamboo Luminous Shine Treatment
    The ultimate solution for dull, lackluster hair features strengthening through use of pure Organic Bamboo Extract and shine-amplifying Organic Indian Gooseberry. This results in a master blend of replenishing and illuminating organic natural extract that lays the foundation for strong, brilliant glossy hair.
  • Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Treatment
    This reconstructs & Builds Proteins in gaps and tears to repair each individual strand of hair from inside and out to REBUIILD, RESURFACE and RESTORE the hair.
  • Caviar Anti-Aging Repair Treatment
    This deeply monitoring Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Treatment address natural, chemical and environmental aging by infusing dry, brittle hair with the finest & most effective ingredients to restore hydration, strength, vibrancy and elasticity creating youthful-looking hair.
  • Olaplex Hair Treatment
    Olaplex is a hair repair treatment that provides a solution to all sorts of hair difficulties, especially for people who have damaged hair from excessive bleaching & chemicals. The treatment is available in different combinations. Olaplex can be mixed in with coloring products to minimize damage, or used as a separate treatment for better results.
  • Luminous Vitamin "C" Facial
    Experience a radiant skin with an exceptional glow! A high repairing treatment for dull and dehydrated skin. This facial combines the high potency of Vitamin C with a stimulation Freeze-Dried seaweed rendering skin firmer, brighter, more rejuvenated and velvet-soft. An excellent treatment for smokers, sunbathers and sun damaged skin.
  • Oxygen 02+ skin Facial
    This intensive treatment features a wonder formula with new generations of liposomes: Oxyzomes (stabilized Vitamin C) Focusing on an outstanding targeted delivery system that it releases vitamins into your skin throughout the day. Powerfully formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, it works to visibly repair and smoothen the skin, reducing the appearance with a healthy radiant glow.
  • Clear Skin Facial
    This purifying treatment consist of steaming, exfoliation and an intense deeper cleansing of clogged pores by gentle massage of your face, neck and decolletage. And a selected mask suitable to your skin type. Beneficial for all skin types. Mask options: sensitive, Dry Oily, Combination, Acne
  • Wrinkles Free Collagen Facial
    The cutting-edge Atni-Ageing treatment is the ideal solution for any skin showing signs of ageing. A potent anti-ageing ampoule is applied and massaged for repair absorbency within the skin. It quickly works to significantly decrease skin deterioration and reduce the appearance of lines. Featuring a highly concentrated formulation: Collagen Polypeptides, Caviar Extract and Hibiscus Esculent Extract is used for instant winkle smoothing and anti-ageing benefits. Recommended for all skin types with: wrinkles,lack of luster, tendency towards dryness and deep dehydration.
  • Glowing Skin Facial
    This Glow-facial is ideal for those on the go. Your skin is cleansed and gently massaged. A pore-refining mask is applied, followed by a veil of light moisturizer. Mask options Dry, Sensitive, Oily Combination and Acne.
  • Lift & Glow Eye Treatment
    Lift, glow and go! Formulated with an amazing lift action complex, this phenomenal treatment instantly reduces puffiness, dark circles, lines and wrinkles resulting in a visibly brighter, smoother eye contour.
  • Aroma Signature Body Care
    Aroma Signature massage can relieve the stress from the people whom cant release stress easily, Thanks to the aromatherapy oil can not only boosts the wellbeing of a person, also helps to refresh the body and mind. With flowing strokes this stimulates the lymphatic system and help to achieve such therapeutic benefits.
  • Splendid Deep Tissue Body Care
    Release chronic tension through slow and long strokes combines with deep pressure on contracted muscles. It provides relief for chronic tensions such as stiff necks, low back tightness and sore shoulders.
  • Swedish Body Care
    Promotes general relaxation, nourishes the skin, improves circulation, with increased pressure on contracted muscles. The pressure applied during this therapy can vary from light to firm.
  • Splendid Focus Body Care
    Our Signature Focus Massage is great for those who concentrated in specific areas. You can customize this massage in order to maximize your time and health benefits. (Neck and shoulders or back / feet / legs /arms / feet).
  • Hot Stone Body Care
    This penetrating heated massage uses hot stones which allow a deep relaxation of the muscles compared to a regular massage. Hot stone massage is a form of massage therapy that uses specialized stones. These stones hold heat and help to create a deep tissue massage targeting tight knotted muscles to release tension. It has a long relaxing effect, thanks to the heated stones which release the positive energy from the nature which is known to have health balance benefits.
  • Oriental Charm Moroccan Hammam (40/60min)
    Indulge yourself in this ancient ritual to relax but in the same time to detoxify and purify your body. After scrubbing away all the dead skin with black soap and kessa, a clay mask will be applied on the body rich with minerals for a healthy glowing effect. Mixture of lemon and rose water will clarify and brighter the skin especially around elbows and knees. The combination of secret from Morocco will sooth and hydrates the skin. Relaxing massage with oil will be as a finish touch.
  • Signature Hurem Sultan Hammam (45/75min)
    One of the Ottoman Secrets in the Hammam, a real beauty treatment inspired by an ancient Turkish traditions. It was originally intended for the bride-to-be in order to beautify, smoothen and whiten her skin before the wedding day. It gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin, brighten the skin, frequent treatments reduce skin pigmentation and lighten the skin tone, it gives it a radiant glow and silky touch.
  • Harmony Turkish Hammam (35/60min)
    This is the perfect treatment to harmonize and balancing the body and mind. Inspired by the great Turkish baths and adjusted to 21 century life style. Full body scrub with kessa is followed up by natural mud mask mixed with pure essential oil, it is has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-acne properties, in the same time it neutralized the free radicals. Soothing rose scented oil is the perfect way to end this treatment and sooth our skin after this ottoman ritual.
  • Princess and Queen Hammam (50/90min)
    Princess dream to be like a queen mother in Hello Kitty Beauty spa, the dreams comes true, bring a long your young princess and enjoy the one and only Turkish Hamam in Town scrub, foam and feel the experience of the traditional bathhouse with impeccable service and Ottoman hospitality.

  • Hello Kitty Cure: File, Massage and Polish
  • Toe-Tally Perfect: Scrub, File, Massage and Polish
  • Hello Kitty Mani-Pedi Combo
  • Strawberry Yummy Manicure
  • Delight Chocolate Pedicure
  • Happy Choco berry Mani-Pedi
  • Polish Wish
  • Hello Kitty Nail Art: Stencils, Stickers and Bling
  • Foot Massage
  • Glitter Body Tattoo
  • Hello Kitty Day Make Up
  • Hello Kitty Glam Make Up
  • Smoothly Make Up: Lips and Eyes
  • Hello Kitty Glam Facial: Chocolate, Oatmeal & Honey
  • Signature Hello Kitty Facial
    (Products available for Princess from age 4 to age 12)
  • First Hair Cut (certificate and hair lock)
  • Hello Kitty Cut
  • Hello Kitty Cut and blow dry short/long
  • Blow Dry short/medium/long
  • Signature Hello Kitty Bow
  • Hair-Doozz: Styling and Irons
  • Trimming
  • Braids short/medium/long
  • Bangs
  • Colored Highlights
  • Bubbly Shampoo
  • Macadamia hair treatment
  • Smooth Hair Keratin
  • Her Royal Kitty-ness Package
    Mani, Pedi, bubbly shampoo, Blow Dry, Make-Up, Cupcake and Drink
  • Queen Mother and Her Kitty-ness Package
    Mani, Pedi, Blow Dry, Make up, Cupcake and drink
  • BFF Package for 2
    Mani, Pedi, hello kitty bow, Make up or Facial, Cupcake and Drink
  • Her Royal Kitty Saray Hammam (20/45min)
    Soap, scrub, bubble and wrap, this will be the kittylicious Hammam experience for the little sultana. Natural sesame & honey enjoyment will add extra moisture and shine to the skin.
  • Sweet & Pink Princess Hammam (25/45min)
    After the body scrub with the loofah the harmony of flavors start with this natural ingredients of raw sugar and strawberry powder, the Hammam experience turn to an exciting pink envelopment which leave the little ones skin bright and delightful.
  • Princess and Queen Hammam (50/90min)
    Princess dream to be like a queen mother in Hello Kitty Beauty spa, the dreams comes true, bring a long your young princess and enjoy the one and only Turkish Hamam in Town scrub, foam and feel the experience of the traditional bathhouse with impeccable service and Ottoman hospitality.


Please note that not all of the services are available in all our branches, so please check the availability of the requested service with the SPA while booking.